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UI / UX Design

User Interface Design is one of the highly sort-after job roles of current mobile application developers across the globe yet have very little training emphasis for most developers we come across on a daily basis. The world of work is changing and systems are getting smarter with the advent of AI technologies.

It is based on the current trends of the IT industry that this course has been developed by the SkyPro Research Team to help upcoming designers and developers who are starting in the design industry as application developers to take a closer look at this area of specialisation. How good is spending 3 weeks of your time designing something that nobody wants to use?

Course Overview

In this course, you will learn about the strategies and tactics necessary for designing user interfaces with particular emphasis on developing user interfaces for mobile devices.

  • Learn how to apply essential usability concepts including – Clarity, Ease of Use, Simplicity, and Detectability.
  • Learn how information obtained from the clients, sales, and marketing is utilised to design compelling visual experience websites for multiple platforms including mobile, tablets, laptops, desktops and wider screen resolutions.
  • Learn more about wireframes, prototypes, color schemes, tones, design templates, formatting and typography.
  • Improve your skillset in User Analysis Techniques, Usability Testing Procedures