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In a world where economic woes in Afghanistan can reverberate in Ghana and stock market activity through the Internet continually spills forth an unstoppable avalanche of cheap information, you can be sure that globalization and capitalism will inconsistently create divisions rather than equality, how can your company safeguard its competitive position?

It’s a puzzling, and undeniably essential question that every Business owner or Leader confronts daily. Now, SkyPro, one of Ghana’s premier Train-the-trainer Institutions, has brilliantly teamed up to dynamic change-makers, to demystify this often muddled and threatening topic into a set of understandable concepts that every practical entrepreneur would appreciate.

SKYPRO BIZ-TRACER shows you how to reach beyond the standard business parameters used to analyse the events, trends, and technological innovations that can completely alter the behavior of small and medium sized companies run by enthusiastic entrepreneurs.

We look at 10 potential opportunities and threats in key eco-friendly sectors, using a set of emblematic “INDICATORS AND TRACERS:”

  1. Natural indicators: Selective reabsorption is not the only things at play in business.
  2. Spiritual indicators: Discern the free-spirited customer who vibrates on a positive frequency from the one that is an occasional banter.
  3. Customer indicators: Understand your customers not only in demographic and behavioural terms, but also by the emotional factors that stimulate / motivate
  4. Competitor indicators: Evaluate your company against your primary and secondary competitors, then use your strengths to distinguish yourself.
  5. Economic indicators: Assess how GDP, employment levels, interest rates, inflation, and currency exchange rates can create or destroy opportunities.
  6. Technological indicators: Learn about the effects of technological innovations including what the Internet can and CANNOT do for your business.
  7. Social indicators: Understand the key social drivers–attitudes, beliefs, emotions–that affect the market acceptance of your “value package.”
  8. Political indicator: Analyse the effect of politics not just the policymakers and regulations, but the complete “control system” that can influence your business.
  9. Legal indicators: Develop an effective legal tracer that detects and avoids unnecessary risks before they crop up on you.
  10. Geophysical indicators: Study the physical, perceptible ecosphere around you recognising hidden complications and forming viable back-up to give you a breather.

This is solid, hard-hitting advice that every business leader needs.

There are no doomsday prophesies or sugar-coated visions of the future here. Instead, Dr. Albert Hagan uses the discipline of careful cause-and-effect thinking to help you answer specific, relevant questions about what may happen in your future.

Packed with crystal-clear insights and real-life examples, SKYPRO BIZ-TRACER gives you a broader global view, more perceptive abilities, and the tools to knowledgeably assess opportunities and threats. You’ll improve your strategic thought processes and decision-making abilities – and become your own deep-thinking futurist…without getting lost in the haystack.  


The Business Secrets Your Competitors Don’t Want You To Know.