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A SkyPro internship is a period of work experience offered by SkyPro Institute of Languages And Technology to give students and graduates exposure to our working environment, often within a specific department, which relates to their field of study. We have teamed up with SkyPath and AD Galarie this year 2019 to offer Internships that can be as short as a week or as long as 12 months.

An internship at SkyPro isn’t just about getting coffee and making copies—even if it’s tasks like those that make up most of your responsibilities. Being an all-star intern can help you make long-lasting career connections, get great recommendations for future positions and teach you a lot about an industry.

Ultimately you are looking at landing a full-time job either with us or gain the skills to allow you a chance with any company out there.

Taking a few key steps in the first month of your internship can help ensure that you’re successful in your role. Here are a few things our career experts have outlined for every intern that seeks an opportunity  in their first month at SkyPro to be successful:

1. Make a great impression

This is just a rule of thumb for the first two months of any job, an internship itself is often more than a month long so your first impression is key.

Entrepreneurs often intern and work in a variety of sectors, including Admin, IT, and marketing etc. in a bit to learn how to switch hats an so making a good impression really must matter to you because it does to your potential employer.

Start strong by showing your line manager that you’re excited, engaged, and serious about your new role.

Besides dressing well, showing up early and staying eager, ask your boss what he or she would like to see from you.

It’s a lot easier to win if you know the game you’re playing! and that, right from the word go.

2. Ask questions, and carry a notebook at all times

Keep a notebook with you at all times so that you never miss important directions.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and be sure to jot down notes and any todo lists.

You’ll not only remember important things, you’ll also signal an important message to your boss, interview coach and career expert.

“Whenever you’re in a meeting or shadowing someone, always takes notes,” says Buj. “That way your boss will see that you’re paying attention and are engaged from day one.”

An internship itself as hectic as you have been led to believe in creating a first impression – Dr. Albert Hagan, Centre Head SkyPro Institute of Languages And Technology.

3. Set up coffee meetings with your co-workers

At some point, everyone needs to have coffee or lunch. Those key breaks are a great opportunity to get to know your boss and your co-workers better.

We at SkyPro Institute strongly believe that every intern should find creative ways to set up individual meetings with people on his or her team.

“Ask about their experience, as well as their vision for the company over the next few months,” Then bring your conversations back to actionable ways that you can make an impact in your position.”

By reaching out to your team, you’ll be perceived as more likable and friendly, and that will make you more likely to get hired and promoted when a good opportunity rears its head.

4. Offer to help on additional projects

Once you know your responsibilities and can complete them well, go the extra mile.

Aim to complete a few “nice-to-have” items, especially some of the projects your boss may have mentioned in passing but hasn’t had the time to start pursuing. If your boss says, “Eventually we’ll want to do this…” follow up on it and ask how you can help.

“This will impress your Supervisor,” and it really sends a clear message that you are serious about your internship.

5. Don’t leave at night without stopping by your boss’ desk

Stopping by your boss’s desk before leaving, and helping out with any last-minute work, helps you stand out.

At 5 p.m. it may be tempting to pack up and go, but stop by your manager’s desk first.

“Don’t just disappear at the end of the day,” try asking your manager if there is anything else they need at that moment.

If you are asked to complete any additional tasks, do it without rushing through it.

Your boss will appreciate that you are not simply at the internship to get your hours in.

6. Keep a record of what you accomplish

Write down everything you accomplish at the end of your first week, and every week after that.

The simple trick won’t just boost your self-confidence.

Having a track record of the ways that you’re contributing to the company will come in handy when you’re ready to ask for a recommendation letter, or if you are thinking about joining the company full-time.

With this list of skills you learned and projects you accomplished, you’ll be better prepared to help your manager write a great recommendation letter for you and vouch for yourself if there’s opportunity for a full-time role.

Here’s to a great start to your internship.

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