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Technology Evangelism

Technology Evangelism is an advanced form of word-of-mouth marketing in which churches develop members who believe so strongly in a particular message or doctrine that they freely try to convince others to buy into it and use it in their day-to-day activities. The members then become voluntary advocates, actively spreading the messages using a digital medium or platform.

Evangelism comes from the three words “bringing good news” and the marketing term draws from the religious sense, in that, consumers or members of a Church are driven by their beliefs in a product or service eg. A Church App, Message preached by the Pastor, A Yearly Ritual, which they preach in an attempt to convert others to it.

Churches who wish to establish their way of life and doctrines as a defacto standard can decide to train a select few of their members in Technology Evangelism. These people can be training other personnel, including Senior Pastors, Bishops and those in the Hierarchies, so that they acquire skills and competencies necessary to adopt new technology or new technological initiatives for the Body of Christ.

This should even be a requirement for Higher Church Positions or Bishopric assignments where Leaders encourage new practices within the Church. The role of a Church Technology Evangelist can be closely related to that of a Sales and Training Person, such as an Outreach Coordinator but requires specific technology marketing skills to all the members to carefully carve out the mission and vision of the Church and present it in a form that potential converts and truth seekers can buy into the vision and decide to follow the man of God who carries that vision.

Majority of the people who want to study digital marketing in schools and colleges or even the university are often saddled with the confusion between Evangelism and Affiliation so you find many who happen to be in Church-if they are Pastors, always trying to be associated with a particular faction in the Church often creating divisions in the Body of Christ when the intension was not that to begin with.

SkyPro has introduced this Programme in Partnership with Alrotec to whether down the confusion created by evangelism marketing and affiliate marketing. Even though they have similarities, affiliated programmes often force its creators to use incentives in the form of commissions or even products, whereas Evangelistic Programmes allow third-party supporters or members of an organisation to spread their most valued recommendations whilst recruiting new members out of their pure belief in the cause, not for any remuneration or even the receipt of some goods and services.

Thus, the goal of this Programme is to cause members of the Body of Christ to spread the benefit of joining their Church to other individuals. As this involves often acting independently or in groups, these evangelist members become the key influencers since the very fact that evangelist are not paid or associated with any company makes their beliefs easily perceived as credible and trustworthy by others and the community.