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Multiple Streams of Cash-flow

When it comes to multiple streams of cash flow, the quicker you plant your seeds, the better, but there are some seeds that require a year or two to grow; if your idea of a million dollars overnight is fun for you…well, that happens on occasion but there very few stories out there to support this phenomenon and most importantly those who achieve those feats, often don’t see that happen overnight – usually when you check their backgrounds you realise that, things did not just come cheap and land on their laps, they often had some form of knowledge you and I may not be privy to and did things in a particular way – again methods you and I may not be accustomed to or probably never tried.

So what is the way forward, graduates are being churned out each passing year without the requisite skills needed for industry and it is not going to stop anytime soon. The question is haven’t the people regulating such institutions gotten in touch with industry yet or what is happening, or they’ve seen it and realised its a basket case –  almost every Tertiary institution is doing it because they are providing a service and by their mandate the service has been rendered, yet who has the political will to champion a course that goes to support the community without having a vote-winning effect backlash? Am yet to see who amongst the regulators of Education here is Ghana can champion that. In any case am not waiting for them to decide, because they will never have the guts to do that. Very soon most of them will be retiring so nobody wants to be to tagged as an anti-loyalist.

My worry is that if you expect these young ones coming up to start taking charge but are refusing to leave roles that allow them to train and perfect the skills that they have been given – even though inadequate, and will be used to transform the economy, then you probably have nothing to lose because your kids or loved ones don’t leave in this country. Almost every young chap you meet in our schools, colleges, and Universities are looking for one medium or the other to make extra cash that can help them to meet their daily, weekly, monthly and ultimately yearly expenditure.

Unfortunately for them, some of these younger folks are the only ones that have ever entered tertiary education in their whole household so the burden is now placed on them by their parents to support the family with the little they make when their parents are comfortably relinquishing their duties to them, these kids, many of which never have much to write home about is because there is no mentoring or a career path they are following, heck, many don’t even have a savings culture or have a targeted goal set before their eyes – gazetted on paper to give them a sense of direction and we say the younger ones are the future? Future of what, in an overly religious setting like Ghana where the majority believe that if I go to Church and pay my tithe and offering then things will be well so “I just have to keep praying?”. We have a long way to go but thank God for these new programmes like the Biz-Tracer, Webmaster Training, Digital Marketing and Technology Evangelism programmes introduced in SkyPro Institute of Languages and Technology. Through these programmes we identify that the natural comes first and looking at the training in SkyPro Institute of Languages And Technology being the centre that cuts down your learning curve for some of the greatest ideas you’ve had since your childhood, you will soon be able to champion great innovations with the right training and learning. Else, that is still a great idea but still in your head. Most people will die with it and it would have still been a great idea but it turns out nobody knew about it so they never get rewarded for it –

To the religious person we say that “in all labour, there is profit“. To the philosopher – “There is a tide in the affairs of men if taken at the flood, leads on to fortune”.

Everything you do that does not bear much fruit is like a cheap gold watch. Fades away quickly when you least expect it to. Remember that saying “A journey of a 1000 miles begins with a step?” Yes, try something out, will you?. .. Try making your first $100 a month and then move it on to trying $1000 and then $10,000 and so on and so forth. Then you’ll discover what others have not discovered in the learning curve. My little advice to you?

  • Plant a seed and let them have a little bit of time to grow: There is the danger of trying to do so many things at once that, you don’t get to do any of them well but there is also a danger of putting all your eggs in one basket. So sometimes, you’d think maybe, I should have two different streams of income streams; then again think about it – what is the reason you cannot have 3 or 4 more. This level of thought does not just come to you because you are a child of God or believe in one denomination or the other. You can have a methodical way of doing things and have mentors around you who are going to provide some level of checks and balances to allow you to grow and comes with some sort of sacrifice. It may be your time, your talents, your resources or your money. Take it from me, if what you are doing does not require some form of sacrifice from one of the 4 areas just talked about, then you are in for a great disappointment. So let’s just say 3 seeds are planted, obviously, you can focus on one more than the other if it’s doing better than it.
  • You need realistic ways to make money: if you really think that the degree you had in Business Administration or Marketing is going to do that for you, then I am sorry to be the one to sell you a bridge. For me 3 valid ways you can actually make money besides finding your assignment (what it is you are meant to be doing )on this earth are:
  1. Selling a physical product
  2. Selling a digital product and
  3. Selling a service mostly to business owners.

Sometimes you can start something that only you believe in but all you really need is one person who believes in a great idea to allow it to flourish, nurture it and stand by that truth till its fruits start popping up. I recall an incident that happened in the office where an Employee blurted out that he doesn’t need a particular training programme, I prepared for the benefit of the workers. I asked myself after I heard them say that, thinking “does he actually recognise that there are students who have actually paid over a $200 to take that programme?” and they get to learn it for free by virtue of being associated with the institution? But then again, I had to think like an investor who knows where the business is going and is prepared to make some level of sacrifices to allow it to reach there unhindered.

Looking at the 3 pointers up there you realise that one theme runs through all the things you are meant to do to make money –SELLING but let me clue you in on a little secret. There is a type of selling that has never been the focus of academic institutions for decades and that is what SkyPro Institute of Languages And  Technology has introduced in its curriculum. I know that ideally, if this post was following the status quo, you would have started reading what that was and quickly jump on google to see if you can find a free tutorial on it but hey, you are just thinking in the way I figured you would – and that thought makes no money on the digital front. If you can decide today to make an inquiry of what that is, our team will know you read this post to the bottom and that you are worth sacrificing for, to be trained in this regard.

Look at this way, how many people do you know of who go to church every day praying to God for something when really all they needed from God was to breathe, but they never have been able to see what opportunities are lying right in front of them.

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