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Internet Marketing the SkyPro Institute Way

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Starting from the early 1990s Internet marketing made an amazing development from simple text-based websites that offered product information into highly evolved and complete online businesses promoting and selling their services on the Internet and very few had what it takes to access it. Today, the Internet marketing industry has become a complicated and branchy science involving a great deal of theoretical knowledge in combination with applied techniques. As a science, it ranges from browser-side and server-side programming and coding on one end to marketing and economics on the other. Internet marketing the SkyPro Institute way means the use of the Internet to advertise and sell goods and services. Famous well-known institutions herein Ghana talk about it and run campaigns in the media to have a piece of the SEO & SEM cake. However, trusting them with your website eventually shows a trend in lack of expertise in this area – so what does this programme cover? The Instructors and Facilitators of the Skypro Institute Search Engine Marketing Programme over the years through research has found it to include Banner and Text AdvertisingSocial Media MarketingEmail MarketingInteractive AdvertisingAffiliate Marketing and Search Engine Marketing (including Search Engine Optimization and Pay-Per-Click Advertising). Very often we hear these in passing and every media agent has a word to say about it. But are these people really experts and can they teach you what it takes to drive traffic which will later become loyal customers? That’s a story for another day but our first stage of the Internet Marketing course starts with Search Engine Marketing (SEM) as a specific area of an online marketers’ business. Mainly, its purpose is to increase your targeted traffic from search engines via organic search engine ranking, paid listing and advertising. Here you’ll be shown the main principles of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), link building, and paid advertising campaigns. Actually, every successful search engine optimizer should be aware of top search engine demands and consider them while creating a website and improving on-page and off-page factors for Web pages. There are numerous important factors influencing search engine ranking of Web pages. The SEO Research Team provide profound and consecutive lessons depicting each step of your optimization work so Search Engine Advertising becomes the last topic of the SEM programme. There are certain methods that go beyond SEM that can help improve your site online visibility. These include, for instance, creating and spreading a banner/ad network and/or paid link partnerships, as well as social media, email marketing and building affiliate relationships with other websites. The Social Media Marketing stage is devoted to the numerous social media channels on the Web. Blogs and micro-blogging services, social networks, social news sites, media sharing sites, wikis, etc., this offers a valuable opportunity to moderate and share content. Social media channels are a perfect place to interact with existing or potential consumers; a good viral marketing campaign within the online community creates buzz around your brand and may result in new inbound links to your site appearing on the Web. Email marketing is an independent branch which has to be dealt with separately and does not have much in common with SEM. Email marketing is a subject of our next stage and there we provide insight into the main direct mail campaign steps and guidelines. Banner networks relate to Search Engine Marketing(SEM) as long as they touch upon your link popularity (which is a component of SEM). Here we address your page view rate, bounce rates, regular sessions and visits to particular pages and how to use call-to-actions to depict what a typical user can do on your website from start to finish. Through the SkyPro Insitute Way, you’ll be introduced to the Affiliate Marketing Department of our Digital Marketing  Team and how to set up one for yourself. It is a popular method for promoting web businesses when with few marketing dollars marketers can establish a presence and earn a profit recruiting affiliates. Such partner networks can grow with your company business projects and add its profit to your marketing budget. The most vital stage of the whole course is Web Analytics. Its role can be hardly underestimated as Web Analytics is an essential measure for continually improving web business performance, advertising campaigns, organic search engine results, ranking positions and others. Generally, Web Analytics deals with the traffic already generated at the previous stages. Its primary goal is to improve traffic quality and enhance conversion. Although it is possible as we do advise participants to understand every theoretical aspect of Internet marketing, in practice you may do much better by specialization in a specific area or technique and simply start your Internet Marketing business with it. Our final module provides a proper and clear scheme about how to estimate your potential, find a niche, manage projects and promote your services as an Online Marketer, or SEO consultant, etc. Take a chance and invest in yourself by taking our Webmaster Training, Digital Marketing or Technology Evangelism for Churches. You can apply directly online by Clicking This Link to Start The Application Process

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