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Do You Want to Live a Certificated or Complementary Life

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Ever wondered why many students finish college or university and are still waiting for companies to employ them when the skillset they acquired in the University can propel them to start their own businesses?

Here at SkyPro Institute, we are not only looking for students who want a certificated life, but we are in for those who want to live a complementary life – What do we mean by that? There are instances where the course that you chose will not be given to you by the University but the learning curve is so important. A typical bank will not hire a certified accountant unless it is in dire need of one.

However, somebody who studied one of the courses in Humanities may be the best fit because he/she may understand the psychology behind forming good relationships when the accountant will be too much focused on the numbers and forget interpersonal relationships that actually brings repeat business and sales.

For the most part, most students i interview for job placement fall short when it comes to selling. They don’t like sales slots on commission, they are immediately not interested because they are looking to sit in the office behind a desk when a sale is the only thing that pays salaries.

They forget that if they were given the chance to join a firm the only most important function that ensures sustainability is continuous sales of services and products. So why have they after all the 4 years spent in university studying marketing – not gotten to grips with the concept of going for the slot of a Sales Executive rather than a Marketing Executive? Well, let me cut your learning time short. The system is not designed to access that part of businesses; the only part perhaps, that companies are interested in.

So, starting from today, would you be able to take a second look at your cv and see where your selling lies. And please don’t say that you can work with little or no supervision unless you are cock sure that you won’t fall for the WhatsApp and Facebook occasional chat during working hours.

Have you ever considered having an additional skill besides what the University of College gives you? Am not talking about getting a distinction or join the basketball team or any of those. Yes, if you need a First class with distinction, it is understandable because no Academic Institute of social repute will consider giving you a distinction if you have not even had any other extracurricular activities together with your academic grades. But the irony is this; although you have – together with your course mates attended University or College together, it is quite strange how you can say you love them so much but when you see a job profile on advertisement you cannot tell them at once so that you both apply a have an equal shot. I bet you’d probably apply for it and not even tell your best friend until you have applied first and probably been refused before you breath a word of what you saw. Naaaa……really…you’d tell them for you guys to apply when they are looking for just one person? At least, you’re honest about it.

So, there you go. Nothing is what is seems. Meanwhile that skill you need could have been acquired whilst you were still in School but you kept postponing it that, i don’t have enough money, I have to do IA, I don’t have time. All these are good excuses so why can’t you stay home too when every one of your course mates have been able to score and 2:1 and you’re complaining. Do you even know who you are, what is your learning style and whether or not you’d be a good employee or perhaps a good Employer? Now, for the GOLDEN Question that you probably don’t have an answer for? WHAT DO YOU WANT TO BE NOTED FOR – 5 years from now?

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