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About Us

At SkyPro we ensure every candidate that participates in our media & technology training has a world-class training experience delivered in a world-class environment at an affordable rate. Our Team of Professionals are committed to our vision to Train Candidates for the IT industry in Ghana and across Africa through leading-edge technology-driven education tailored to industry requirements such that candidates and professionals have a reliable source for IT certification here in Ghana.

Featured Certification Courses

Our research over the years has provided us insight into what Employers are looking for -knowledgeable people with a combination of technical expertise and the right attitude for their businesses. Unfortunately most graduates who walk into offices looking for placement do have the requisite skills. This is why SkyPro Institute has decided to fill this gap with our tailor-made training programmes for Startups, Entrepreneurs, SMEs, Church Leaders, NGOs and Larger Institutions. Our current most trending courses include:

Digital Marketing

Learn what you need to market products and services in a digital world. You will discover why your college degree is not enough...


You need more than the Accounting, Marketing, Operations and Sales processes that brings transformational results.

Webmaster Training

Learn how to build practical interactive systems from UI/UX Design, Wireframing to Prototyping and Databases.

Online Work

Learning a course you can never benefit from is a total waste of your time and resources so all our courses are industry-driven.


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Responsive Design

What do you do when the course you paid for is not accessible on the device you currently have? SkyPro's Interactive Systems are user-friendly and works on most standard platforms or devices.

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High Quality

Our Programmes are constantly reviewed by our Research Team to make sure candidates who participate in our programmes can benefit greatly from them by applying them in the real world.

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Business Support

We provide businesses with the latest disruptive technologies needed to keep them on top of their day-to-day activities, whilst making timely real-time decisions available from data analytics each day.

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Entrepreneurship & Leadership

How To Form Your Own National Support Group – Part 1

One of the most difficult groups you’ll ever have to create is that of forming your own national support group. Very often you find people try to give you advice in areas they have never developed any skill or business yet want you to go out of your way and […]

Sales & Marketing

Internet Marketing the SkyPro Institute Way

Starting from the early 1990s Internet marketing made an amazing development from simple text-based websites that offered product information into highly evolved and complete online businesses promoting and selling their services on the Internet and very few had what it takes to access it. Today, the Internet marketing industry has […]


Multiple Streams of Cash-flow

When it comes to multiple streams of cash flow, the quicker you plant your seeds, the better, but there are some seeds that require a year or two to grow; if your idea of a million dollars overnight is fun for you…well, that happens on occasion but there very few […]